6 Ways to Find Cheap Office in New York

Need an office space in New York but you are on a tight budget? Don’t worry as you have come to the right place! Here are 6 ways to find a cheap office in New York!

Establishing yourself as an entrepreneur and starting your own business is an exciting and yet intimidating process, especially if you throw in all of the costs required to build a business. It can become more expensive than you are actually planning and sometimes this can cause a huge problem.

Even though working from home is a good place to start, your bed or your kitchen table isn’t really the most attractive location to have a meeting, so sooner or later you will probably need an office space which brings us to the point of looking for some office space.

Finding a proper office space in New York is not easy, especially if you are looking for a great space, excellent location, and affordable price. The costs are so high and not everyone can afford an office in Times Square. You need to consider the main costs such as rent, electricity, internet connection, and etc. and then determine your budget and see whether or not you can afford a certain place.

For most startups and freelancers, private offices are definitely out of question, however, there are some great ways you can access modern and professional offices, feel cool, look good, and impress your business associates and clients.

If you aren’t really sure what type of office you need, we are going to help you by presenting you 6 ways to find cheap office in New York.

By following these tips, you will be able to find a low-cost office space in a great location in New York:

1. One office, lots of businesses – As an affordable and permanent solution is finding a shared office space where more than one business rents desks and share services, as well as, facilities. Shared offices are a great option and not just because of the affordable prices but because small businesses and startups can leave files, computer monitors, and paperwork behind at the end of a working day.

2. Rent a spare desk – A lot of businesses buy or rent office spaces that are just too big and they usually have spare desks, just sitting there, unused. A lot of these desks are rented out to startups and freelancers looking for a place to work and the costs depend on the office, however, the prices are usually affordable and very reasonable.

One office, lots of businesses
Search long enough and you will find

3. Caffeine and sugar are not a bad idea at all – A lot of cafes and coffee shops encourage freelancers and small business owners to work directly from their tables. They can buy breakfast and coffee, tea or some juice maybe and take advantage of their wifi connection. This may not be the perfect office for you in New York, but it is a not a bad idea at all. Try and see!

4. Search long enough and you will find – If you are looking for something specific, you need to check websites or community forums where you can find local office space options. Search long enough and you will find the perfect office, according to your budget.

5. Social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are online worlds of opportunities and making connections with business owners and startups could help you find the ideal office space.

6. Keep things virtual – There is no doubt that virtual office services are quite popular as businesses discover the benefits of working remotely while keeping a centralized location. Remember, you can always keep things virtual.

Are you ready to rent your first office in New York? Don’t forget to keep these tips in mind.

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